post construction clean up service chatham ma

Our Post Construction Cleaning Service Will Leave Your Space Spotless

Serving the Harwich, Chatham & Dennis, MA Communities

We offer outstanding residential post construction cleaning services throughout the Harwich, Chatham & Dennis, MA areas. We have offered these services for decades. Builders and contractors will love the way that we prepare their new and recently remodeled homes, cleaning up fine dust that seems to go everywhere after a remodel job. Vacuuming closets, baseboards, drawers and cabinets. Even dusting walls if you have finished the floors and there is a need. If your a building contractor, let us provide a professional timely service to help with your needs on any remodel or new construction. We want to make you and the homeowner feel comfortable throughout and up to that final detailed cleaning. Let our experience benefit your business, let us put a shine on your work and you can send your crews on to do the next job. Plan ahead for you post construction needs and contact us early to ensure our availability.

Let Our Years of Experience Benefit Your Business

Our crews have plenty of experience cleaning in Harwich, Chatham & Dennis, MA. We know that some people are sensitive to cleaning chemicals, and that is why our "Green Cleaning" service is ideal for your space. We can also use our "Green Cleaning" process to get your home clean.

Whether you are a remodeling or building a new home, you can benefit from our professional cleaning services. Give us a call today and let us help you to keep your property clean. Nickerson Cleaning is known for our repeated dedication to quality, professional, expertise, and honest customer service in Harwich, Chatham & Dennis, MA. We can help you with any problems no matter how big or small.